Finding an apartment in Arlington, MA,  Cambridge, MA, or Boston can be a challenging experience. Apartments range in size from studio apartments, to penthouse suites.

Of course, if you want some help finding an apartment, several real estate agents specialize in apartment finding services. These specialized agents generally know the market well and can speed up your search tremendously.

The market for apartments is brisk and competition for the best apartments is keen. Finding that gem is possible, though, and a little digging on your part can prove invaluable in finding just the right place.

Know Your Location

You will save time and effort by knowing generally your desired location (proximity to your major activities such as work or school, or some other special interest of yours). Cambridge, MA, is a large town with the MBTA running throughout it. Arlington, MA, has plenty of public transportation available, as well. You can plan to live within walking distance to the public transportation points (such as a subway station or bus stop). Parking is very tight in much of the greater Boston area, but with a little digging, you can find a rental apartment with at least one assigned parking space.

While shopping for apartments in Cambridge or Arlington, or anywhere else in Massachusetts, you have to ask yourself the following question…

What Kind of Resident Are You?

Even if you are a seasoned apartment dweller, you might want to ask yourself several questions before beginning your search. Answers to these will help you to narrow your search even before you get started.

  • Do I need to live near work, school, a house of worship?
  • Do I need to live near my special interests (hobbies, gym, parks)?
  • Do I want to live near public transportation?
  • Do I like a large apartment building, or a small one?
  • Do I need to park a car at my apartment?
  • How many bedrooms do I need?
  • How many bathrooms do I need?
  • Do I need a full kitchen?
  • Do I expect to have a pet living with me?
  • Have I set a budget for rent? Utilities? Parking?
  • Do I need a elevator?
  • Do I need space for friends to visit?

Persistence Pays!

Apartment shopping can be a chore or an interesting challenge. Viewing it as a challenge will help you keep you in the right frame of mind to find an apartment in Arlington or Cambridge.

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